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Founded in 2009 from a small retail shop in Ontario Canada, TW Trade is one of the biggest sex toy manufacturers in Ontario, supplying quality sex toys to Canadians and online alike.

From A Small Sex Shop In the City

Extensive Product Research

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How do we do it?

Valued Customer Feedback

Over the years, we have listened to thousands of customers for their feedback to consistently improve our products and services.

Quality Manufacturing

From the assembly line to the bedroom, our products are made with quality as the top priority.

Comprehensive product design

Our passionate team members research and design unique and feature-packed products.

Starting out, I didn't even know I would be in the sex toy industry. I just wanted to me my own boss so I made it happen and my love for this industry came afterward. The people you meet, the possibilities with just sex, it's truly a great experience.

My Philosophy has always been "if you really want it, make it happen", and that's our motto here at TW Trade.

Tony W, President

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